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Online accessibility statement

Commitment to accessibility

The Department is committed and actively working to ensure that the website is usable and accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of disability, capability or technology.

Guidelines and standards

The Department continuously takes all reasonable steps to ensure that its online content complies with world best practice web and accessibility guidelines and standards, including:

The Department also takes all reasonable steps to ensure that this website is as accessible as possible across the most common operating systems, internet-enabled hardware and web browsers currently available on the market.

Conformance with these guidelines and standards help make this website more accessible and user friendly for all people.


This website contains a large volume of content. The accessibility of this content is being improved to ensure compliance with online accessibility guidelines and standards. Some content, however, may not be accessible to all people. Where it is not possible to provide content in fully accessible formats all reasonable efforts will be taken to:

  • follow the accessible authoring techniques for propriety formats
  • provide alternative accessible versions
  • provide contact details for the supply of alternative non-web formats

Help with accessible techniques and technologies

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Contacting us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this website, or if you have difficulty using any part of it, please contact us.

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