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Discounted Season Tickets - Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Winchester City Council supports and encourages the take-up of environmentally friendly vehicles.

The City Council will provide the cleanest vehicles with discounts of 50% or 75% off the cost of purchasing a Season Ticket. In order to qualify for the 50% and 75% discounts, vehicles will need to show the CO2 g/km of the vehicle to be 120 or less, as confirmed within the Vehicle Registration Document (V5).

How to Find Out if Your Vehicle Qualifies for a discounted season ticket

Vehicles registered on or after 1 March 2001, all have information on their CO2 emissions published on their V5 (Vehicle Registration) document. This information is not available for vehicles registered prior to 1 March 2001, and these vehicles will not qualify for any discounts.

If your vehicle was registered on or after 1 March 2001 your V5 document will state how many grams of CO2 per kilometre it produces. The level of CO2 g/km produced by your vehicle will determine whether you qualify for a discount.

The table below shows which discount applies to qualifying vehicles:

Eligible CO 2 g/km Discount Rates

CO 2 Emission (g/km)


Up to 100


101 to 120


Vehicles that show CO2 g/km of 121 and above do not qualify for the discount.

Further information on vehicle classifications can also be found at the following website:

This only applies to private vehicles, and not light goods vehicles.

Applying for a new discounted Season Ticket

To apply for a season ticket please download the application form.

Alternatively, a form may be requested to be posted, faxed or emailed to you by telephoning 01962 848 346 or emailing .

Renewing an existing discounted Season Ticket

If you already hold a discounted Season Ticket which is due to expire and you wish to renew, then provided your vehicle details have not changed, you can use the online form.

The Online Application Form can be accessed here:

Renewal of Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Season Ticket

You will need to have details of your vehicle and existing ticket number to hand.

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Environmentally Friendly Season Ticket Application Form

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