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Conservative wins East Wittering by-election


The Conservative candidate, Graeme Barrett, won the by-election for the East Wittering Ward on 23 October 2008 and will represent the East Wittering Ward on Chichester District Council until 2011, when the next District Council elections will take place.

The total number of votes for each candidate was as follows:

  • Graeme Barrett (Conservative Party) 410 votes
  • Mary Ellen Green (Liberal Democrat) 364 votes
  • Andrew Emerson (British National Party) 125 votes
  • Joe O'Sullivan (Labour Party) 69 votes
  • James Mcculloch (UK Independence Party) 49 votes

The make up of Chichester District Council is now 34 Conservatives, 11 Liberal Democrats and 3 Independents. The by-election took place following the resignation of Sevey Mastronardi. The percentage turn-out for the election was 25.05%.

Date: 24-Oct-2008

Reference: 2303



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