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The Hollow, Evington: Description of the Monument

The Hollow, Evington
The Hollow, Evington (more commonly known as 'Piggy's Hollow') is a moated site with fishponds, part of a medieval manorial complex. The site is located within the Evington Village Conservation Area. Reference Number of the Monument: SM17026.

Evington Moat lies on the southern edge of the village of Evington, off the southern end of School Lane, and immediately to the west of the Parish Church of St Denys. At this period of history, the Church was often built by the lord of the manor and would be sited to become adjuncts of the manorial complex.

The present church dates to the late 13th / early 14th century about the time the moat was dug. The moat is large, the platform being 65 metres x 25 metres and sub-rectangular. It was originally water filled and fed from a spring to the north known as 'Pinkwell'. The manor house stood on the large island of the moat and would have been built of stone.

To the west of the moat is a series of fishponds which are particularly clear on the west side. All but one of the fishponds is now dry (but would originally have supplied fish to the manor house). An additional fishpond lay to the south of the Manor, but has been largely destroyed when the golf course was landscaped. To the south (in the arboretum) is a large dam crossing the valley of the Evington Brook, that may well mark the site of the Manorial water-mill.
The Hollow, Evington
Originally owned by the Grey family of Codnor, Derbyshire from the 13th to the 15th centuries, the moat was probably built in the late 13th century by John de Grey or his son. It is likely that the buildings became disused in the 16th century. The earliest map of Evington which survives is dated 1627 and no building is shown in the moated area.

It is likely that the name 'Piggy's Hollow' came into use in the l9th century when a local pig farmer used the site to prevent his animals from straying.

For further information on Evington Hollow, please contact the City Archaeologist in the Design and Conservation Team.
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Map of The Hollow, Evington
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