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Area Description

Hulme (view map) is a residential suburb less than one mile south of Manchester city centre; the wards of Moss Side, Whalley Range, the City Centre and Rusholme border it. To the west it also borders areas of Trafford and Salford. Hulme is within walking distance of the City Centre, particularly the northern region, which is just within a few hundred yards of the G-Mex centre. Princess Road is one of the main arterial roads leading in to and out of Manchester and provides a direct link between Hulme, the City Centre, the M60 and M56 motorway network and Manchester International Airport. Hulme has undergone major regeneration since 1991 and as a result, new business and retail opportunities have been developed. Hulme is home to a number of public parks. In addition to St George's Park, the new Hulme Park, developed in 2000, consists of 29 acres of green open space

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Life in Hulme - Spring 2010

Priorities for 2010/2011

Reaching full potential in education and employment

Continue to work toward higher achievement in schools
Reduce the number of long-term Incapacity Benefit recipients.
Continue to work with MMU to progress talks around the development of Hulme Community Campus.
Improvements have been made at Key Stage 2, however further work is needed to bring some of the schools up to the Manchester and National average.
Improve school buildings to create a modern educational environment in conjunction with the BSF programme which will focus on Trinity High School in the next round of delivery.

Individual and collective self-esteem/mutual respect 

Encourage sustainable communities within the Ward by providing a broad range of living facilities and services that meet the life demand of existing and new residents.
Promote the Community Guardian Scheme - residents who adopt their local area and take an active interest in working with the Council to ensure that any environmental problems or defects in the area are dealt with promptly.

Neighbourhoods of choice
Reduce parking congestion in the area.
Ensure there is suitable and affordable housing and help deliver sustainable communities where residents are proud of their neighbourhoods and feel safe.
Continue the development of the area with as little disruption to the local residents as possible.
Increase the number of families in the area.
Improve the environment.
Promote the Wards arts and leisure venues and activities to local groups and residents.
Reduce crime within the ward-particularly burglary and vehicle crime.
Develop closer links with residents in the ward and build on existing relationships to improve communication about actual crime in order to help reduce the perception of the area having a high crime rate.
Improve relationships with young people and change the perception of their involvement in crime and anti social behaviour within the ward.
Work towards Green Flag status for Hulme Park.

Community Engagement priorities

General Public - Ensure that we are working to the priorities of Hulme. Engage with the local community through Resident Associations, local community groups, partner organisations, 'Respect' activity and attendance at local events to ensure we know the priorities of local people.

Older People - improve communication networks with older people and increase awareness of needs and views and engage them in the decision-making processes. Ensure that they are aware of facilities and networks available to them. Support and promote Health and wellbeing initiatives and support the work of the Valuing Older People Team by the establishment of a Valuing Older People Network jointly with Moss Side. Support intergenerational projects in the Ward.

Young People - improve communication with young people within the ward and improve awareness of needs and views. To involve young people in discussions around provision available and the decision making process. Support intergenerational projects in the Ward.

Ethnicity groups - Data from the State of the Wards report 2008/09 informs us that the population of the ward includes residents from numerous ethnic groups, with recent analysis identifying new Eastern European communities living within the ward. To support these changes and meet the needs of the community we need to gain a better understanding of the ward profile and ensure sections of the community are being represented. Support community cohesion across the ward through intergenerational projects, art and culture events, involve schools and the Sure Start Centre in events such as the Winter Festival in Hulme Park to ensure wide attendance.


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Ward Co-ordination Support Officer:

South Manchester Regeneration Team
Daisy Mill Complex Level 2 (Entrance 2)
345 Stockport Road
M13 0LF
External Tel: 0161 277 1965
Internal Tel: 805 1965
Text Phone: 0161 277 1882
Fax No: 0161 274 7138 or 274 7137


Ward Co-ordinator:

Sue Ahmadi
Hulme Manager
South Manchester Regeneration Team
Daisy Mill Complex Level 2 (Entrance 2)
345 Stockport Road Longsight
M13 0LF External
Tel: 0161 277 1965
Internal Tel: 805 1965
Text Phone: 0161 277 1882
Fax No: 0161 274 7138 or 274 7137




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