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Siegen has strong community based and educational links with Leeds.  Among those links is the Siegen Circle - a voluntary group which promotes grass root links between Siegen and Leeds.  It meets quarterly to discuss future and ongoing projects  Similarly, there is a Morley group in Siegen called the Morley Circle. 

Learning from each other
There are several ongoing partnership arrangements between schools in Leeds and schools in Siegen: Bruntcliffe High School has a long established linked with Furst Johann Monk Gymnasium, which has traditionally involved school exchange visits; there is a lively partnership between Roundhay High School and Pieter Paul Rubens school; and Woodkirk High School regularly works with Bertha-von-Suttner Comprehensive School on joint projects and cultural exchanges.

International Football Fever
The SV Gothenbach’s girls team was hosted by the families of the Morley Spurs last year and were welcomed to the town by the Mayor of Morley with an official tour of the Town Hall.

There have also been exchanges between the elderly people of both cities and work on a joint project on memories.

Get involved!
Are you involved with a community level organisation based in Leeds and looking to broaden your horizons? We are hoping to raise the profile of the Leeds—Siegen partnership and encourage even more grassroots links between the two cities. Community groups interested in forming a partnership with a Siegen based organisation will be supported by the Siegen Circle, a local association based in Morley that works to sustain and develop the partner relationship between Leeds–Morley and Siegen. Whether groups are looking to bring language skills into their organisations or simply to embrace a different culture, the Siegen Circle will be able to help find a partner group in Siegen with similar aims.

For additional information or if you are interested in becoming involved contact us using the contact details in the top right of this page.

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