Oval ward

Oval is bounded to the north by the A3204 Kennington Lane. To the east it includes Kennington Park and Brixton Road as far south as South Island Place.

The southern boundary cuts through the South Lambeth estate and is to the south of the Mawbrey Brough estate to the A3036 Wandsworth Road. The western edge of the ward is made up of the railway line to Vauxhall Station, and Wandsworth Road north to Nine Elms Lane and Vauxhall Bridge.
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  • The ward includes the Brit Oval, the international cricket ground, and the nearby Oval underground station.
  • It has two major open spaces: Kennington Park and Vauxhall Park.
  • South Lambeth Library is in the ward
  • The largest housing estates are Wyvill, Mawbrey Brough, Ashmole and Kennington Park, and part of the South Lambeth estate.


The National Statistics page on Oval ward provides a comprehensive set of statistics on education, economics, access to services, lifestyle, physical environment and much more.

Headline statistics

  • The population of Oval ward rose from 10,985 in 1991 to 11,983, an increase of 9.1%. This is 4.5% of the borough population. Oval has an area of 127.8 hectares (4.7% of the borough). For the local elections in 2002, there were 9,230 electors.
  • Oval had a small percentage reduction in White people between the 1991 and 2001 Census (-4.4%), compared to the borough reduction of 7.3%.
  • Oval has a high proportion of people over 60 who say they have a long-term illness that limits their day-to-day activites.
  • Oval has a high proportion of deprived households and a high proportion of severely deprived households, using the Census deprivation score of Employment, Education, Health and Disability and Housing deprivation.
  • 6.9% of the wards' households are Lone Parent Households with dependent children. This is comparatively high in the borough.
  • 4.1% of Oval's privately rented households have no central heating (around 200 households).
  • Oval has a high proportion of households with poor amenities.