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The Olympic Park

The 500-acre Olympic Park will be home to the major sports facilities for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and will be located largely in Newham.

The park itself will be set within a 1,500 acre landscaped area stretching from Hackney Marshes in the north to the River Thames, built around a network of rejuvenated rivers and canals.

The nine venues will all be within easy walking distance from each other and the Olympic Park itself will be a seven minute journey from Central London.

1. Olympic Stadium
The main stadium will host the track and field competitions and is a permanent structure, with 80,000 seats during the competition, reduced to 25,000 afterwards. After the 2012 Games, it is planned for use as a multi-purpose venue with athletics at its core.

The main stadium is the centrepiece of any Olympic Games, it will host the opening and closing ceremony as well as the Athletics competition.

A permanent structure, with 80,000 seats during the competition, reduced to 25,000 in legacy mode. After the 2012 Games, current proposals see the stadium as focussed on athletic with multi-purpose capability.

2. Aquatics Centre
The centre will contain two 50 metre pools, a 25m diving pool and fitness centre with capacity for 20,000 spectators during the 2012 Games and 3,500 afterwards.

The Aquatics Centre will host a range of events including swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, water polo finals and the aquatics discipline of the modern pentathlon in the Olympic Games. For the Paralympic Games it will be the venue for the swimming competition.

The centre will contain two 50m pools and a 25m diving pool with capacity for 17,500 spectators during the 2012 Games and 2,500 afterwards with the capacity to be increased for major competitions.

3. VeloPark
The 6,000-seat Velodrome will be reduced to 3,000 seats after the 2012 Games. A road track, and competition and recreational BMX tracks suitable for use by cyclists of all abilities are planned for the long term.

The Velodrome, which hosts the track cycling, will have 6,000 permanent seats, creating a world class facility after the games. There is another 6,000 temporary seats at the outdoor the BMX circuit. After the Games there will be road tracks as well as recreational and competition BMX tracks suitable for use by cyclists of all abilities.

4. Olympic Village
Within easy walking distance of the sporting facilities in the Olympic Park, the 2,800 unit village will provide accommodation for up to 17,500 athletes and officials during the Olympics and Paralympics. After the London Games, the village will become housing, including affordable homes.

5. Indoor Arenas
The arenas will host the fencing, basketball and handball competitions, as well as the shooting and fencing disciplines for the modern pentathlon. One of the arenas is likely to remain as a training and competition venue and a regional centre for indoor sports.

7. Hockey Centre
The centre will provide training and competition facilities for hockey at all levels. It will have seating for 15,000, currently planned to be reduced to 5,000 after the 2012 Games and relocated to the Eton Manor site.

Venues Outside the Olympic Park

The 2012 Games will also utilise existing venues, some of which are in Newham including:

The ExCeL centre
One of Europe's largest exhibition centres, ExCeL in the Royal Docks will host boxing, fencing, judo, table tennis, taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling, boccia, Paralympic table tennis, Paralympic powerlifting and wheelchair basketball.

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