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district council election results 2007

new political composition of the council

 Conservative  35 - 4 seats gained
 Liberal Democrat  9 - 2 seats lost
 Independent  3 - 2 seats lost

Total Turnout 38%


      Votes cast Elected
Casimir Charlotte Louise  Conservative 595 X Hold
Grimson Elsie Eileen Labour 110  
Groves Joyce Irene Liberal Democrat 133  

Turnout 38%


      Votes cast Elected
Cottingham Jo Conservative 1124 X Hold
Graham Ian Conservative 1082 X Gain
Harrison David George Liberal Democrat 1137 X Hold
Jones Brenda Labour 230  
Kemp Deborah Ann Labour 246  
Key Jane Frances Liberal Democrat 1024  
Meredith Judi Conservative 1027  
Savage Michele Carol Labour 199  
Smith Lawrence Roger Hines Liberal Democrat 1067  

Turnout 43%

blofield with south walsham

      Votes cast Elected
Debbage George Edward Independent 756 X Hold
French David Rowthorne Conservative 708 X Gain
Hempsall Lana Helena Conservative 546  
Jones Christopher Nicholas Labour 149  
Matthew Phillip Gregory Liberal Democrat 124  
Matthew Susan Margaret Liberal Democrat 134  
Potts Andrew John Labour 123  
Ward David Charles Independant 647 Loss

Turnout 41%


      Votes cast Elected
Atkins Patricia May Liberal Democrat 238  
Boylin Ray Labour 206  
Gibbs  Marianne Green 225  
Hemmingway Christine Mary Labour 185  
Proctor  Andrew James Conservative 1174 X Hold
Rymarz  Richard Liberal Democrat 139  
Snowling Michael Douglas Conservative 1111 X Hold 
Toms Jennifer Green 116  

Turnout 39%


      Votes cast Elected
Britt Ray Labour 149  
Greenhall Ray Conservative 286  
Peters Shirley Liberal Democrats 344 X Hold

Turnout 45%


      Votes cast Elected
Davis - Claydon Chris Conservative 297 X Gain
Evans Ian Victor Independent 284 Loss
Morgan Victor Frederick   Liberal Democrat 154  

Turnout 39%


      Votes cast Elected
Mallett Alan Steuart Conservative 550 X Hold
McRoberts David Douglas Liberal Democrat 170  
Wallis Malcolm John Labour  81  

Turnout 40%

drayton north

      Votes cast Elected 
Nash Roger Ralph Conservative 304 X Hold
Saunders Patricia Ann Independent 110  
Sergeant Peter JAmes Liberal Democrat 256  

Turnout 31%

drayton south

       Votes cast  Elected
 Foulger  Roger Reginald  Conservative  595  X Hold
 Worth  Graham  Liberal Democrats  242  

Turnout 44%


      Votes cast Elected
Joyce James Michael Liberal Democrat 526 X Hold
Soanes Paul Edward Conservative 486  

Turnout 43%

great witchingham

      Votes cast Elected
Betts Sirkka Green 80  
Sayer David John Independent 244  
Stolworthy Jane Liberal Democrat 214  
Woodbridge Simon Don Conservative 369 X Hold

Turnout 47%

hellesdon north west

      Votes cast Elected
Britcher David John Liberal Democrat 506  
Champion Mark Green 118  
Gasson Tom Conservative 903 X Hold
Gathercole Simon Kent Liberal Democrat 394  
Gurney Shelagh Cassandra Conservative 920 X Hold
Youles John Brian UK Independence 180  
Young Alan Labour 205  

Turnout 38%

hellesdon south east

      Votes cast Elected
Adams Tony Conservative 661 X Hold
Alexander Mark Labour 207  
Balcombe Peter Liberal Democrat 623 X Hold
Beard Peter Brian Liberal Democrat 514  
Walsh Michael Francis Conservative 487  

Turnout 34%


      Votes cast   Elected
Carrick Paul Henri  Conservative 482 X Hold 
Glasspoole Terry Hector Labour  111   
Markwell Jean Diane Liberal Democrat  164   

Turnout 36%

horsford and felthorpe

      Votes cast  Elected 
Beadle  Veronica Mary  Liberal Democrat  514 X Hold 
Buzugbe  Patrick Azuka  Labour  88  
Germany  Richard Roy  Conservative  331  
Self  John Edward  Conservative  417  
Starling  John Phillip  Liberal Democrat  629 X Hold 
Tyson  David  Labour  113  

Turnout 32%


      Votes cast  Elected 
Blake  Michael John  Liberal Democrat  165   
Hemmingway  Anthony Vernon  Labour  164   
Iles  Brian John Maxwell  Conservative  552  X Hold 

Turnout 37%

old catton and sprowston

      Votes cast  Elected 
Buckell  Peter Michael  Liberal Democrat  553   
Callam  Martin Gower  Liberal Democrat  574  
Cutting  Cliff  Labour  480  
Dunn  Stuart  Conservative  1357 X Hold 
Leggett  Ken  Conservative 1288 X Hold 
Thompson  David William  Conservative 1248 X Hold 
Wright  Ann Elizabeth  Liberal Democrat 529  

Turnout 36%


      Votes cast  Elected 
Fearns  Patricia Ann Ellen  Liberal Democrat  125   
Larsen  Sue  Independent  78   
Moreland  David John  UK Independence  69   
Vincent  Shaun Andrew  Conservative  623  X Hold 

Turnout 43%


      Votes cast  Elected 
Beadle  Stuart Charles  Liberal Democrat  Uncontested Seat  Hold 

spixworth with st faiths

      Votes cast  Elected 
Colville  Jack Royston  Liberal Democrats  594   
Hall  Christopher Clive  Conservative  511   
Kular  Bali  Liberal Democrat  757  X Hold 
Thompson  Chris  Conservative  625  X Hold 

Turnout 34%

sprowston central

      Votes cast  Elected 
Bussey  Suzanne Hilary  Liberal Democrat  341   
Knowles  Robin John  Conservative  643  X Hold 
Lashley  Barbara June  Labour  428   
Lashley  Ken  Labour 389   
Steane  Nigel Graham  Liberal Democrat 279   
Ward  John Martyn  Conservative  522  X Hold 

Turnout 33%

sprowston east

      Votes cast Elected
Bracey  John Walter Conservative 1012 X Hold
Carswell  James Alexandar Conservative  852 X Gain
Dewgarde  Dalmaine Milton Liberal Democrat  910 X Hold
Dyball  Sheila Agnes Ann Labour  516  
Graham  Matthew Joseph Labour  388  
Roper  Daniel John Labour  373  
Sirdar  Sam Liberal Democrat  730  
Tyers  Kay Liberal Democrat  688  
Utting  Michael Charles Conservative  846  

Turnout 40%

taverham north

      Votes cast  Elected 
Cinnamon Alan Godfrey Independent 249   
Dicks Heath Ashley Conservative 497 X Hold 
Holland Paul Stewart Liberal Democrat 307  
Holland Julia Frances Liberal Democrat 344  
Kelly Kenneth Stanley Conservative 478 X Hold 
Pennells John Independent  295  

Turnout 30%

taverham south

      Votes cast  Elected 
Bannock  Claudette Hazel  Independent  964  X Hold 
Clancy  Stuart Michael  Conservative  919 X Hold 
Heard  Jennifer Margaret  Liberal Democrat  190  
Starling  Nicholas Edward John  Liberal Democrat  131  

Turnout 39%

thorpe st andrew north west

      Votes cast  Elected 
Mackie  Ian James  Consevative  1210  X Hold 
Cullum  Velma Helen  Liberal Democrat  273  
Cullum  Julie Sharon  Liberal Democrat  287  
Fisher  John Frederick  Conservative  1325 X Hold 
Harwood  Peter John Labour  648  
Housden  Sarah Jane  Liberal Democrat  341  
Shaw  Nigel Christopher  Conservative  1246 X Hold 
Wigy  Jill Veronica  Labour  582  
Williams  Nick   Labour  634  

Turnout 32%

thorpe st andrew south east

      Votes cast  Elected 
Davis Claydon  Kim  Conservative  976  X Hold 
Harwood  Pam  Labour  374  
Hayes  Suzanne Louise Conservative  983 X Hold 
Holden  Bill  Independent  175  
Martins  Malcolm Ronald John  Liberal Democrat  217  
Mayhew  Colin Edward  Liberal Democrat  234  
Presad  John  Labour  291  
Rowe  Campbell Charles  Labour  323  
Turner  Grant  Green  306  
Walker  Graham Bernard  Conservative  899 X Hold 

Turnout 39%


      Votes cast  Elected 
Ball  Nicholas  Green  188   
Blake  Helena Kristina  Liberal Democrat  144   
Fursse  Ken  Labour  81   
Green  Chris  Conservative  996  X Hold 
Kemp  Malcolm Kenneth  Labour  92   
Lowe  Paula Joyce  Independent  755   
Teager  David Edwin  Independent  933  X Hold 
Williams Richard  Liberal Democrat  194   

Turnout 44%

Released on 04/05/2007

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