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The Mansion House

The Mansion House exterior Mansion House is a rare surviving Georgian town palace in London. With its magnificent interiors and elegant furniture, the Mansion House provides the Lord Mayor of the City of London with living, working and entertainment space. Built in the age of Hogarth, the Mansion House, then as now, is a symbol of the City of London as the world’s leading international financial and trading centre.

Click on the Lord Mayor of the City of London to learn more about the office today, History of the Mansion House to learn more about the building and its collections, Inside the Mansion House for more detail on individual rooms, and History of the Government of the City of London and History of the Mayoralty for a brief historical survey.

Life at the Mansion House

Annual Trade and Industry dinner held at The Mansion House Mansion House was originally intended to enable the Lord Mayor to represent the City in appropriate style, and it continues to fulfil this function more than 250 years later.

The Mansion House is both a private residence for the Lord Mayor and family, and a base for the Lord Mayor’s office, a department of the City of London Corporation, and provides a location for business meetings, conferences, banquets and entertaining. Some 40,000 people visit the Mansion House every year.

The Lord Mayor's office organises his overseas and domestic programmes. See a Typical Day for the Lord Mayor in London and a Typical day for the Lord Mayor overseas.

When not abroad, the Lord Mayor sees on average a head of state or government at least once a month and hosts a finance minister or ambassador weekly. These are usually highly focused meetings between the visitors and City businesses, and they are part of a busy schedule of business visitors/ meetings at Mansion house. 

Perhaps the most famous events at Mansion House are the dinners and banquets. They have always been splendid occasions: once upon a time they would last several hours, and guests would take food to the window to hand down to waiting friends and servants.  Today the Lord Mayor hosts ten banquets a year which provide a platform for ministers (at Guildhall), while every week sees businesses and livery companies hold dinners at Mansion House, at the invitation of the Lord Mayor.

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