International relations

South African celebration
South African celebration
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Fall of the Berlin Wall

The International Relations team aims to bring the benefits of international cooperation to Leeds, in support of Leeds City Council’s priorities.

What we do 
We build partnerships with cities, embassies, government departments and funding bodies throughout the world and work closely with our partner cities to achieve our international priorities through a variety of different projects.

International partnerships 
We have a number of well established relationships with cities around the world. These are Brno in the Czech Republic, Dortmund in Germany, Durban in South Africa, Hangzhou in China, Lille in France, Louisville in the USA and Siegen in Germany.

Leeds also has links, and works on joint projects with friendship cities including Ballina in Ireland, Barcelona in Spain, Brasov in Romania, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukraine, Nis in Serbia and Saint Mary in Jamaica.

Local partnerships 
Our local partnerships are equally important when it comes to the Council’s international work. We work closely with business support organisations, universities, colleges, schools and the voluntary and community sector.

Increasingly we work with private sector companies to strengthen the position of  Leeds in the global economy.

Find our more about our priorities, work with partner cities and latest news by following the links below. 

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