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Website help


The pages on this site have been designed to print with a simplified layout. They will automatically fit on the printed page. If the printed text is too small to read, increase the text size on your browser and reprint.

Mobile devices

The site has been designed to appear in a simplified layout in hand-held devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. Some devices may not be able to process our online forms.


A large number of documents are available to download from this site in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). The size of downloadable files is indicated in brackets after the link to give you an idea of download times.

Indicative download times*

Connection speed
Average download time for 1 Megabyte file
Dial up (57 Kb/s) 3m 02 sec
ISDN (128 Kb/s) 1m 21 sec
DSL (512 Kb/s) 20 sec
BROADBAND (2Mb/s) 5 sec

*Above provides indicative download times for different modem speeds based on the download of a 1MB file. It should be noted that this is provided as a rule of thumb guide as download speeds are impacted by other factors.

For more information on bytes and what they mean visit the What's a Byte website.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these files. Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version as this may influence your ability to view the file properly. If you do not already have this free software, you can download it free from the Adobe website.


To access the Flash presentations you will need Flash Player. Click here to download Flash Player from the Adobe website .


Downloadable videos are encoded using the Windows Media Player codec. Both Mac and PC users can download Windows Media Player for free from the Microsoft website.

Sound files

Keyboard shortcuts for embedded MP3 player

space  Play/Pause
P Play/Pause
S Stop
I Show information
left 5 seconds backward
right 5 seconds forward
+ Volume up
Volume down

Large picture files

Some JPEG and GIF files, particularly those of maps, are initially displayed in certain browsers smaller than their original size.

To view the full sized picture, hover your mouse pointer over the picture until the resize cursor appears (a magnifying glass). With older versions of Internet Explorer a resize button will appear on the bottom right corner.

Acrobat help

Most Adobe Acrobat documents on this site have been set up to byteserve. This process downloads the Acrobat file page by page and displays it in the window of your browser. It allows you to see the start of a document while the rest downloads in the background.

For the vast majority of users this will happen. However, there are circumstances in which this may not occur, for example a white page may be displayed and download be indicated, but the document does not appear.

Help is available from the Adobe website.

If you wish to download the disk for later viewing with Acrobat reader, right click on the link for the file you want and select the option to save the file to disk.

Accessibility information

In line with National Government expectation and our own desire, we aim for this website to be AA compliant wherever possible.

So far, we have:

  • Conducted a thorough review of the site for XHTML and AA compliance.
  • Used AccessKeys.
  • Not used frames, which can confuse speech synthesizers.
  • Used 'alt-tags' which describe the content of images.
  • Made our hyperlinks meaningful, ie not used 'click here' on its own.
  • Speech enabled our website for those who have difficulties reading web pages. Click on the Browsealoud logo to download the free software.
    Browsealoud logo
  • Provided links to the Adobe access pages for PDFs.

If you experience problems with any part of the site, we would welcome your comments by email. You may be not be aware that if you are using a Windows based PC, there are settings that can be adjusted to assist with your use of the site. These can be found in the Control Panel under the accessibility options.

For information about accessing pdf files if you have a disability, visit the Adobe access pages

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