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Could bone drug treat arthritis too?

Thursday Sep 22 2011

A jab that “can repair damaged joints could benefit millions crippled by osteoarthritis”, reported the Daily Express. The newspaper said that scientists have found that an existing drug called Forsteo, which is used...

Does coffee cut stroke risk?

Monday Sep 19 2011

“Two cups of coffee every day ‘may cut stroke risk’,” reported the Daily Mail. It said that “a comprehensive analysis of the health benefits of coffee has confirmed it can have a powerful preventative effect against one of Britain’s biggest killers”.

Can vitamin B prevent Alzheimer's?

Wednesday Sep 14 2011

“A daily 10p vitamin pill could prevent millions of people being struck down by Alzheimer’s disease,” the Daily Express has today reported. In a front-page story the newspaper said that vitamin B can...

A drink a day and health in older women

Wednesday Sep 7 2011

A study has found that “middle-aged women who indulge in a drink or two a day are boosting their chance of good health in their seventies”, The Daily Telegraph reported. This study was in 13,894 nurses in the US.

Brain clots linked to elderly walking problems

Tuesday Sep 6 2011

“Tiny clots in the brain may be the cause of some signs of old age such as stooped posture and restricted movement,” reports the BBC. This story is based on a study that assessed movement problems in older people...

Special report: Alzheimer's in the news

Friday Aug 12 2011

Alzheimer's disease is a major topic of health news stories, which regularly cover everything from potential cures to possible ways to prevent the disease in the first place. With an estimated 465,000 of cases of Alzheimer's disease in the UK...

Study of seven Alzheimer's risk factors

Tuesday Jul 19 2011

“Half of all Alzheimer’s disease cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes such as exercise, eating healthily and not smoking”, the Daily Mail has today reported. The newspaper says that...

Cinnamon treats Alzheimer's ... in mice

Wednesday Jun 29 2011

The Daily Express claimed that scientists have discovered a possible “cake ‘cure’ for dementia”, which “could be the ‘holy grail’ in slowing or even eradicating dementia in patients”.

Study looks at medication risk for elderly

Friday Jun 24 2011

Several news sources today reported that elderly people taking a range of common medications have an increased risk of death. Many reports highlighted a danger from taking combinations of the drugs, with...

Elderly 'need alcohol and drug support'

Thursday Jun 23 2011

Medical experts have called for new approaches to tackle substance abuse in older adults, several newspapers have reported. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, many middle-aged and elderly adults have problems...

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