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Annabel Pitcher
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Annabel Pitcher
7 April, 13h45
British Council Madrid

British writer Annabel Pitcher will be talking about My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, her first novel, as part of the launch of the Spanish edition published by Ediciones Siruela

Five years have passed since the terrorist attack in the centre of London which killed Rose. Ten-year-old Jamie, her brother, hasn’t cried since it happened. He knows he should have – Jasmine cried, Mum cried, Dad still cries. Roger didn’t, but then he is just a cat and didn’t know Rose that well, really. Everyone kept saying it would get better with time, but that’s just one of those lies that grown-ups tell in awkward situations. Five years on, it’s worse than ever: Dad drinks, Mum’s gone and Jamie’s left with questions that he must answer for himself.

This is his story, an unflinchingly real yet heart-warming account of a young boy’s struggle to make sense of the loss that tore his family apart.

Annabel Pitcher was born in 1982 in a small village in West Yorkshire. She studied English Literature at Oxford University. After graduating she worked as an English teacher and in the media. She always wanted to write, and this, her first novel, is the result of her travels around the world taking notes on Peruvian buses, while sailing the Amazon River and under the shade of Vietnamese temples. At present she lives in Yorkshire and is working on her second novel, Ketchup Clouds, which tells the story of a 15 year old girl.

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, Annabel Pitcher’s first novel, has already been translated into several languages.

This event is aimed at bookseller’s and literature specialists.
Entry is free but, as space is limited, confirmation is required by writing to ibueno@siruela.com

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