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Summary of council meeting on 27 February 2008

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This is the summary report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 27 February 2008, chaired by Professor Christopher Wathes.  The Council meets three times a year.  Working groups that convene more frequently undertake much of the preparatory work.


Discussion centred on:

  • Welcoming two new members, Dr Joanne Conington (breeding expert) and Professor Henry Buller (education expert);
  • Review of FAWC’s work programme for 2008;
  • FAWC’s relationship with the media.  A draft Communication Strategy would be prepared for discussion at the next Council meeting;
  • Draft report on the welfare implications of lamb castration and tail docking was debated, amended and recommended for publication;
  • A first opportunity to assess progress on a draft report on the welfare of white meat species;
  • A report on engagement with the retail and food service sectors and suggestions on how this relationship could be improved;
  • A presentation on the international perspectives on farm animal welfare;
  • Updates on the work of the Standing Committees and Working Groups;
  • An update on the activity of Defra’s Animal Welfare Division.

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported on meetings aimed at building relationships with FAWC’s stakeholders in GB and Europe, including meetings with the Welsh Minister, Elin Jones and CIWF (where concerns over the Opinions on beak trimming and enriched cages for laying hens had been discussed at length).  The Chairman had also attended a Scottish Agricultural Policy Seminar.

The third meeting of the European Forum of Animal Welfare Councils (EuroFAWC) had been held in Prague in January 2008.  The Forum aimed to share best practice, discuss shared animal welfare issues and explore how activities might be co-ordinated and communicated to the European institutions and wider. 

Meeting were planned with the new Scottish Minister for Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead; Head of Animal Welfare in the EU Commission, Andrea Gavinelli; Head of Defra Animal Welfare Team, Roy Norton; RSPCA Farm Animals Team, British Egg Industry Council representatives; and the newly appointed Chief Inspector of the Home Office Animals (Scientific Procedures) Inspectorate, Dr Judy MacArthur Clark.

Next meeting

25 June 2008.

Further information


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