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Summary of council meeting on 10 June 2004

Chairwoman's report
Reports from the Working Groups
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This is the summary report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 10 June 2004, chaired by Dr Judy MacArthur Clark. The Council meets three times a year. Working groups that convene more frequently undertake much of the preparatory work.

Discussion centred around the draft report on animal welfare in markets and at other animal gatherings, a fledgling draft report on stockmanship, FAWC’s policy on registration and licensing, a first draft of a second report on farm assurance schemes and animal welfare, a response to Defra’s consultation on a new GB strategy for Bovine Tuberculosis and the implication of the Freedom of Information Act.

Chairwoman's Report

The Chairwoman commissioned reviews to be undertaken by members of most of FAWC’s reports. The intention was to flag up what had been accomplished but also to identify where further work may be required.

A schedule of report production was to be reviewed. This set out in what order and in what timescale reports should be brought forward for approval and publication.

Advertisements for the appointment of four new Council members and a new Chair were announced.

The Chairwoman had been closely associated with the launch of Defra’s Animal Health and Welfare Strategy. She had met with Carwyn Jones to discuss the issues and would later meet with Ross Finnie.

Reports from the Working Groups

As is customary the meeting heard progress reports from the Chairs of the Working Groups.

Strategy and Communication – The redesigned annual review had been published and arrangements were well in hand for the Open Meeting which followed closely after Council.

Poultry Issues – Focus maintained on broiler leg health and on broiler stocking density but other issues on the horizon included laying hen skeletal health, beak-trimming and alternatives and the review of the Laying Hen Directive due in 2005.

Farm Assurance Schemes – A draft report was now in production, which would include consideration of organic systems.

Slaughter – The Group was now focussed on welfare at slaughter of white meat species. A wide consultation has brought a good amount of responses. Meetings with Research Institutes were well under way and visits to processors had begun and would continue through 2004 and 2005.

Research and Development – The Group was now focussing on the issue of lamb castration with a view to updating comments made in the Report on the Welfare of Sheep in 1994. A short report would be prepared following appropriate consultation.

Markets and Transport – The Group was now concentrating on drafting its report but did keep a watching brief on transport issues.

Welfare Labelling – A new Working Group had been established largely as a result of the Government’s draft response to the FAWC red meat slaughter report which had suggested voluntary labelling of meat form animals slaughtered without pre-stunning. The group also had the remit to address the wider issues surrounding all welfare labelling. It was currently considering position papers. A written consultation was in preparation

Date of next meeting

28 October 2004.

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