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Summary of council meeting on 12 June 2003

Chairwoman's Report
Reports from the Working Group
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This is the summary report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 12 June 2003, chaired by Dr Judy MacArthur Clark. The Council meets three times a year. Working groups that convene more frequently undertake much of the preparatory work.

The meeting discussed the launch of the red meat slaughter report 2 days earlier, a report in draft on the welfare implication of animal breeding and breeding technologies, the draft report on animal welfare in markets, Defra’s plan for a fallen stock disposal scheme and the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy.

Chairwoman's Report

The Chairwoman reported on the intense media activity involved in the release of the red meat slaughter report, the majority of which focussed on recommendations aimed at ending slaughter without pre-stunning. There were many more recommendations in the report intended to improve the welfare of red meat animals at slaughter. The Chairwoman also reported an impending trip to Australia and New Zealand where she would make presentations on animal welfare in the EU.

Reports from the Working Groups

As is customary the meeting heard progress reports from the Chairs of the Working Groups. There was some slowing of activity due to Secretariat staffing difficulties.

Strategy and Communication – The Secretariat was thanked for producing the Annual Review to deadline and for making the arrangements for the Open Meeting later in the month. The Group was also considering a paper on stockmanship standards for submission to Council at a later date.

Poultry Issues – The Group had not met since last Council because of the Secretariat staffing difficulties. Activity at Chair level had continued with regard to the British Poultry Council’s survey of broiler leg health and its statistical analysis. Publication of the analysis was awaited.

Farm Assurance Schemes – Discussions continued with the food service sector and with the retailers regarding animal welfare assurance of food produced and sold. A draft report was now in production.

Slaughter – Activity had slowed with the finalisation and publication of the red meat slaughter report. The Group would now change focus towards welfare at slaughter of white meat species, beginning with a wide consultation.

Research and Development – The Group would continue to consider its report on the welfare implications of animal breeding and breeding technologies. It would also pick up the issue of lamb castration with a view to updating comments made in the Report on the Welfare of Sheep in 1994.

Markets and Transport – Having completed much of its information gathering the Group would now concentrate on drafting its report.

Date of next meeting

6 November 2003

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