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Summary of council meeting on 11 February 2003

Chairwoman's Report
Reports from the Working Group
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This is the report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 11 February 2003, chaired by Dr Judy MacArthur Clark. The Council meets three times a year. Working Groups that convene more frequently undertake most of the preparatory work.

The meeting discussed the draft slaughter report which was due for publication in June 2003, before the next Council meeting. Members would have further opportunities to comment by correspondence. Council discussed with officials the Defra proposals for an Animal Health and Welfare Strategy. This had arisen from the Curry report on sustainable farming and food. Formal advice would be sent to Defra in due course. Letter dated 16 April 2003.


Chairwoman's Report

The Chairwoman reported on her meeting with the Minister and various stakeholders during a visit to Wales. This re-inforced the advisory role FAWC had to Government in England, Scotland and Wales. Other meetings attended included those related to proposed strategies on animal health and welfare and veterinary surveillance. She had pressed the animal welfare case at all of her engagements. The regular meeting of the Chairs of the various FAWC Working Groups had been held before the Council meeting to take a strategic view of how FAWC was progressing its work.

Reports from the Working Groups

As is customary the meeting heard progress reports from the Chairmen of the various Working Groups.

Strategy and Communications - The Group had been discussing the format of the next years, open meeting and annual review. The open meeting should focus on the slaughter report and the animal health and welfare strategy. Attendance at agricultural shows was discussed.

Research and Development -The Working Group was continuing to develop proposals on the monitoring and control of biotechnologies in animal breeding direct from research, or via importation, to commercial farming. These proposals were discussed with a number of organisations and within the Animal Welfare Advisory Bodies Liaison Group in order to refine the document with the maximum involvement of those interested parties.

Markets and Transport - The Group was studying the responses to its consultation on the extension of the scope of the markets study to include marketing of livestock by alternative means, such as electronic sales, video sales collection centres and farm to farm transfers. A visit to a market in France had been conducted and one was being planned to take place in Ireland.

Poultry Issues - The Group had not met since the last Council meeting because of lack of Secretariat resources. The Chairman had continued to press for publication of the statistical analysis on the broiler leg health survey conducted by Professor Pfeiffer.

Slaughter - With the end of the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak the Group could recommence its practical information gathering. Visits had been undertaken to see Shechita slaughter of sheep and the slaughter of fallow deer and ostrich. Verbal evidence was also taken from interested parties. Drafting of the Group's report continued to progress well.

Farm Assurance Schemes - The Group was now researching its second report on the animal welfare implications of farm assurance schemes. This would include more attention to the catering sector and a section on the welfare implications of organic livestock production.


Date of next meeting

12 June 2003

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