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Summary of council meeting on 26 February 2009

This is the summary report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 26 February 2009, chaired by Professor Christopher Wathes.  The Council meets three times a year.  Working groups that convene more frequently undertake much of the preparatory work.

Discussion centred on:

  • A report from the Scottish Chief Veterinary Officer on current farm animal welfare issues in Scotland;
  • A presentation on proposals for Responsibility and Cost Sharing for animal health and welfare;
  • Debate about the draft report on the welfare of white meat species, which was nearing completion;
  • Detailed deliberations on a report to present a long term view of future farm animal welfare strategy, policy and implementation in GB;
  • Debate on a draft Opinion on the welfare of dairy cattle, which would require further consideration by the Ruminants Standing Committee;
  • Work required to start up a new major investigation into Disease and Farm Animal Welfare;
  • Work required to start up a new investigation into contingency planning to protect the welfare of farm animals in natural disasters or disease outbreaks;
  • Updates on the work of the Standing Committees and Working Groups;
  • An update on the activity of Defra’s Animal Welfare Division.

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported on meetings aimed at building relationships with FAWC’s stakeholders in GB and Europe, including the European Forum of Animal Welfare Councils, the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy Groups’ 3 Chairs meeting, David Eves re. EIG review, CVO Nigel Gibbens re. next FAWC Strategic Plan, FAWC Appointment interviews, Jane Kennedy on the White Meat Slaughter Report, Helen Browning (EIG) and Gavin Ross (Defra) Responsibility and Cost Sharing.

Next meeting

18 June 2009.

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