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Summary of council meeting on 11 October 2001

Chairwoman's Report
Reports from the Working Group
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This is the report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 11 October 2001, chaired by Dr Judy MacArthur Clark. The Council meets three times a year. Working Groups that convene more frequently undertake most of the preparatory work.

FAWC's Interim Report on the Animal Welfare Implications of Farm Assurance Schemes had been passed to Ministers and launched with a successful Press conference in early September. Comments on this interim document were being sought from a wide range of interests in order to ensure that the Council's final report on this issue was fully inclusive.

Chairwoman's Report

The Chairwoman reported on her visit to New Zealand and other meetings including the provision of evidence on the Council's behalf to the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission. She also gave an update on her contacts with the Chairmen of the FMD Inquiries and progress made in preparing the Council's submissions to them.

Reports from the Working Groups

As is customary the meeting heard progress reports from the Chairmen of the various Working Groups.

Farm Assurance Schemes - The Interim Report had been launched successfully and action on its recommendations would be monitored. The Group had held discussions with the Food Standards Agency and would soon take evidence from the organic sector. Comments on the interim report would be collated and considered in preparing the Group's final report.

Strategy and Communications - The Group had concentrated its efforts on developing the five year work plan for the Council into a comprehensive and evolving document to guide FAWC's work. Guidance for members was presented based on the principles for advisory bodies set out in the Phillips Report.

Research and Development - This Working Group had not met since the last Council meeting because of additional pressures placed on the Secretariat by the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Markets and Transport - A visit to a video sale of livestock had proved very informative. Other issues covered in the period up to the Council meeting were electronic identification of livestock for traceability and concerns about the dangers of horned cattle being presented for sale in market.

Poultry Issues - While broiler leg health remained the main issue for this Group there were some signs of progress with an analysis of industry survey data and Defra sponsored research. The Group had also been looking to its future workload, which was likely to include skeletal health of laying hens and the impact of the FSA strategy on the reduction of salmonella in poultry meat.

Slaughter - The Group was keen to resume visits to slaughterhouses in early 2002 to fill in the gaps in its knowledge. Drafting of the Group's report would shortly begin in earnest.

Date of next meeting

21 February 2002

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