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Summary of council meeting on 14 June 2001

Chairwoman's Report
Reports from the Working Group
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This is a report of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) plenary meeting on 14 June 2001, chaired by Dr Judy MacArthur Clark. The Council meets three times a year. Sub-committees that convene more frequently undertake most of the preparatory work.

Council noted its new sponsor, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. FAWC's role would continue to be provider of advice on farm animal welfare issues to Government in Great Britain.

FAWC's Advice on the Welfare Implications for Low Value and Surplus Livestock were passed to Ministers in April 2001.

Chairwoman's Report

The Chairwoman reported that she had attended a number of meetings relating to Foot and Mouth Disease, including those with the Parliamentary Secretary. She had also attended a range of meetings including those with the Royal Society of Medicine on TSEs, Linking Environment and Farming, the Animal and Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Reports from the Working Groups

As is customary the meeting heard progress reports from the Chairmen of the various Working Groups.

Farm Assurance Schemes - The final draft of the Group's Interim Report was presented to Council. Subject to minor amendments it was agreed that the Interim Report would be published in August. The Group would then begin work towards its final Report.

Slaughter - In common with many of the Working Groups much of the Slaughter Group's last two meetings had been taken up with consideration of the welfare implications of the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak, particularly of mass slaughter in the field. A paper would be presented to the FAWC FMD Task Force for inclusion in a submission to any FMD inquiry. Visits to slaughter facilities had been suspended by the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak but would resume when the situation allowed.

Poultry Issues - The focus of the Group's work since the last Council meeting continued to be broiler leg health. Progress was awaited on the analysis of the industry survey results and proposals for a definitive study of the issues, sponsored by Defra, were under consideration. Horizon issues identified for the Group included skeletal health and handling of laying hens and a review of previous FAWC recommendations relating to the welfare of poultry.

Strategy and Communication - The main tasks for the Group since the February Council had included organisation of the Open Meeting, preparation of the Annual review 2000-2001, development of the five essentials of stockmanship, operational guidance on the lessons to be learnt for advisory bodies from the Phillips Report, development of the new independent website and consideration of a rolling five year plan of FAWC work. These were all progressing well and annual events would be reviewed for 2002. The Open Meeting had been particularly well received and the new website had also been met with favourable comment.

Research and Development - The Group had prepared and sent detailed submissions to the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission and the House of Lords Select Committee on Animals in Experiments setting out FAWC's concerns about emerging technologies and their potential impact on agricultural livestock. The Group was also tasked with close consideration of its future agenda.

Markets and Transport - This Group had also been dominated by the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak. It had prepared a paper for the FAWC FMD Task Force on the impact of markets and marketing methods on the outbreak. This would feed into the Council's submission to any inquiry that was established.

Date of next meeting

11 October 2001

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