Question: What is meant by “pause, listen, reflect and improve”?

The Secretary of State Andrew Lansley said in a statement to the House of Commons on 4 April that the Government will “take the opportunity of a natural break in the passage of the bill to pause, to listen and to engage with all those who want the NHS to succeed.”

He said: “we recognise that this speed of progress has brought with it some substantive concerns, expressed in various quarters. Some of those concerns are misplaced, or based on mispresentations. But we recognise that some are genuine.”

He added: “Choice, competition and the involvement of the private sector should only ever be a means to improve services for patients, not ends in themselves. Some services, such as accident and emergency and major trauma, will clearly never be based on competition. And people want to know that private companies cannot cherry pick NHS activity.”

You can read the full transcript on Hansard.

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