The Equality Delivery System for the NHS

A new tool has been made available this week to help the NHS understand how equality can drive improvements and strengthen the accountability of services to patients and the public. Equality must lie at the heart of the NHS – its values, processes and behaviours – if we are to create a service that meets the needs of every patient and all staff.

The Equality Delivery System (EDS) has been designed as an optional tool to support NHS commissioners and providers to deliver better outcomes for patients and communities and better working environments for staff, which are personal, fair and diverse. The EDS is all about making positive differences to healthy living and working lives.

There has been huge involvement from NHS staff, patients and communities in creating the Equality Delivery System and it was discussed at the recent national Pathfinder events in May and June. The tool will help emerging CCGs understand – and prepare for – their future equality responsibilities.

Find out more at the NHS East Midlands website.

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