Innovation is about adoption

Andrew Lansley highlighted the importance of adopting innovation for the benefit of patients, when opening the 2011 Healthcare Innovation Expo.

He enforced the need to nurture innovation in the NHS, acknowledging that it can be a long and difficult journey from an initial creative spark of an idea to delivery on the front line.
Modernisation of the NHS will encourage innovation, putting patients at the centre of decisions, improving health outcomes and placing power with frontline clinicians. There is a need to use the knowledge, expertise and understanding these clincians have, to drive improvement.

NHS a world-beater
The Health Secretary highlighted the fact that the NHS has the potential to be a world leading health organisation and is already envied. He wants to see the reputation of the NHS for innovation and excellence improve in the years ahead and this includes opportunities to work across the world. Moorfields Hospital in Dubai was highlighted as an example.

Innovation competition
Andrew Lansley has also launched a competition to invite people to suggest new, innovative indicators for the NHS Outcomes Framework, both where gaps exist in the current framework and in broader areas for future versions of the Framework.

>> Innovation in Outcomes Competition

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