HealthWatch core presentation

A short powerpoint presentation outlining the key points for both local HealthWatch and HealthWatch England.

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  1. HealthWatch, locally and nationally, is to provide ‘local and evidence-based information’ implies that the sources, content, analysis and presentation necessary to meet this requirement will involve health informatics experts. A solid way to check this will be to request a candidate for these tasks is preferably a registrant of the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions. With certification to prescribed standards, in-field experience and continuing personal development coupled with a professional Code of Conduct – this is likely to identify appropriate resources to support the HealthWatch function. Check the open UKCHIP register for candidate credentials.

    • Rod Whiteley says:

      Unless the claim that UKCHIP registrants are preferable is itself evidence-based, I think local HealthWatches and HealthWatch England would do well to treat advice like this as spam. HealthWatch is intended to drive a relentless focus on health and care outcomes, not just more ticks in more boxes in more national databases like the UKCHIP register.

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