After the Pause its time to >> Fast Forward >>!

Dr Shane GordonDr Shane Gordon, GP in Colchester and chief executive of the North East Essex GP Commissioning Group, on the views of GPs on the Health and Social Care Bill.

After the Pause its time to >> Fast Forward >>!

There was a risk of a drop in energy and morale during the pause, but happily my newly renamed “clinical commissioning” colleagues were too busy contributing to service redesign, QIPP planning and engaging their colleagues in GP practices to have time to worry about it.  Indeed our Accelerated Learning Event 2 weeks ago was full of energy and drive to deliver improvements in the experience and outcomes of care for our population.  We were very grateful to a number of local patient reps and voluntary sector colleagues as well as senior colleagues from the PCT, Local Government, Acute Trust, MH Trust and Community Services who also supported us in developing our vision for the future and a firm values base for our work.  The level of co-operation and shared purpose gave a renewed sense of confidence to us.

Our plans for patient and public involvement in our commissioning work and governance structures are now gathering momentum.  We have patient representatives on all our major QIPP workstreams and a Patient Commissioning Forum of 30-to-100 local people meeting with us monthly to help shape our work.  Some of our local practices already have patient groups and we are working with the others to support their establishment, which is a requirement of our nascent CCG constitution.  We also have plans to develop lay membership of our CCG Board to include an Adult citizen’s rep, a Young People’s rep and a Voluntary Sector rep, with the intention that one of these people may also fill the audit committee chairman role which will be required.  Meanwhile we are in the final stages of procuring a new public-facing website, co-designed with our patients, which will continue our 5-year commitment to transparency but will also enhance the information for and dialogue with our wider population.  Further enhancements will follow with the integration of new media (follow me on Twitter @DrShaneGordon !) and electronic audience voting for our large meetings. We are also continuing to support our PCT Comms team in the general round of public facing events.

Two big challenges now face us.  Firstly to help the PCT Cluster shape their commissioning support offers in ways which will enhance our successful development, becoming a strong ongoing partnership and secondly to ensure that our “end-state” CCG structure is incorporated into the PCT Cluster’s ongoing reconfiguration – we are keen to retain talent from the PCT wherever possible.  We will need as long as possible to stress-test this model under the umbrella of the PCT Cluster, particularly the relationship between our team and the commissioning support functions.  Developing our skills as intelligent customers will be vital to future success.

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  1. Rod Whiteley says:

    That makes it seem your fast forward approach to patient and public involvement is leaving your Local Involvement Network (LINk) far behind. Was that a conscious decision? Do you see HealthWatch Essex (or whatever it will be called) having a quite different public involvement role to your Patient Commissioning Forum?

  2. Shane Gordon says:

    Thanks for your comments, Rod. No, our intention is certainly not to leave LINks behind – some members of LINks are involved in this work and in shaping our Vision and Values. We see this as complementary to the current LINk and future HealthWatch structures. It provides an essential and rich connection to our local population.

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