NHS Commissioning Board’s People Transition Policy

The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) has set out the policies and processes that will guide its first round of appointments.

The People Transition Policy (PTP), which is aligned with the HR Framework and developed in partnership with employers and trades unions, sets out in detail the HR principles and procedures that will support a fair and transparent transfer, selection and appointments process.

NHS CB Chief Executive Designate, Sir David Nicholson, said: ‘I have set out my vision for the operation and design of the new organisation, but achieving that vision and improving outcomes for our patients will depend on those people who become part of the team.

‘My aim is to retain the great talent we already have across the current system and to ensure all those affected by the creation of the new system, are treated consistently and fairly, through transparent recruitment processes.’

The first phase of NHS CB appointments, which will take place throughout the summer and autumn, will focus on ensuring the senior team, establishment team, supporting posts and any priority functions are in place. The second, and more extensive phase of appointments, will take place in 2012.

‘The PTP has been developed in partnership with employers and trades unions’ representatives and I am grateful for their sound advice and commitment to helping us support our staff through this transition period,’ said Sir David.

‘We will continue to work with unions across the health and social care sector and will establish local consultation arrangements to support the change process and establishment of the NHS CB.’

The PTP covers key information such as terms, conditions and locations of the NHS CB as well as the appointment process, and is essential reading for anyone who thinks their future may be with the NHS CB.


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  1. William R Jacks. says:

    I have a question re the reorganisation if the health service. How is it the service is going backwards in the simple task of getting an appointment with your local G P health center. We could get our appointment in two days but with the present system to see our own Dr it will take two weeks and any other Dr three to four days unless it is for an emergency ?( one day,) how do ordinary people with medical problems define what is or
    is not an emergency. Both my Wife and I have Heart problems and at the age of 80 and 70 respectively with good mental ability are having difficulty in deciding when it is an emergency, We would like to have your opinion you have on this matter

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