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Stroke stem cell trial extended

Friday Sep 2 2011

The world’s first clinical trial of brain stem cells to treat stroke has recorded no adverse effects to date, BBC News has reported. The BBC website reports that research using stem cells to treat strokes “is set to...

Gene therapy treats immune disease

Thursday Aug 25 2011

Today it has been widely reported that gene therapy offers a long-term treatment for a rare condition that causes children’s immune systems to fail. In the rare condition, known as Severe Combined Immunodeficiency...

New genetic clues to MS

Thursday Aug 11 2011

“Scientists have discovered 29 new gene variants that are implicated in multiple sclerosis,” The Guardian has today reported. These genetic variants were identified in an international project reported to...

Schizophrenia genes 'not always from parents'

Monday Aug 8 2011

“Scientists say they have ‘fundamentally transformed’ the understanding of the genetics of schizophrenia,”, BBC News has reported. The news is based on a study looking at “sporadic schizophrenia”...

New gene link to ovarian cancer

Monday Aug 8 2011

A single genetic fault “increases a woman's risk of ovarian cancer six-fold”, The Independent has today reported. The estimate is based on new research looking at the prevalence of...

Artificial mouse sperm from stem cells

Friday Aug 5 2011

“Fertility experts are hailing a mouse study in which working sperm cells were created from embryonic stem cells in mice as ‘hugely exciting’,” reports the BBC. Other news sources have suggested that these results...

Genetic clue to 'Elephant Man' condition

Friday Jul 29 2011

The Independent has today reported that scientists may have discovered the genetic cause of Proteus syndrome, the rare condition made famous by Joseph Merrick, whose life was portrayed in the film...

Mutant gene 'affects male fertility'

Friday Jul 22 2011

“One in four men have a mutant gene 'that makes it harder for them to have children',” the Daily Mail reported. The newspaper went on to say that “scientists have found some sperm lacks a protective protein that helps it to reach the egg”.

'Stressed baby' story needs more study

Wednesday Jul 20 2011

“Being stressed in pregnancy genetically programmes the developing baby to be more susceptible to anxiety and behavioural problems in life,” reported The Daily Telegraph. The news...

Progress made in growing adult stem cells in lab

Monday Jul 18 2011

“A new plastic surface which overcomes the difficulties associated with growing adult stem cells has been developed,” reports the BBC. This news is based on a laboratory study...

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