Bob and Brenda: Bob is obese 

In the second of Ian Ball's video animations, Bob discovers the dangers of over-eating and under-exercising.

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Transcript of Bob and Brenda: Bob is obese

This is Bob.

Hello, Bob.

Unfortunately, Bob is suffering from a medical condition,

of which he is blissfully unaware.

Let's have a look at Bob's life

and see if we can see if there's an obvious problem.

- Bob gets up... - (yawns)

..has breakfast,

drives to work, has a second breakfast,

does some typing,

eats his lunch,

talks on the telephone,

drives home,

has a cup of tea and some biscuits,

reads the newspaper, watches some television,

eats a delicious evening meal with his lovely wife Brenda,

watches some more television

and then goes to bed.

Not much wrong with that, you might think

except that Bob is consuming more energy than he needs.

And additional energy is stored by Bob's body as fat,

fat that will not be needed unless Bob undertakes a hunger strike

or a sponsored starvation.

Bob has accumulated enough excess fat to be considered clinically obese.

Being obese means that Bob is more likely to develop heart disease,

high blood pressure, infertility and depression.

To help us understand this problem,

let's look at what Bob's life would have been like several thousand years ago.

As an alpha male, Bob's main job would have been to hunt

and gather food for the tribe.

He would have spent all day on his feet chasing animals and climbing trees.

He would have led an incredibly active life

and would have dined on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish or meat.

So, in just a few thousand years,

Bob has gone from an active alpha male with an agreeable appetite

to a deskbound delinquent with a detrimental diet.

Fortunately for Bob, he is just a cartoon

and his obesity problem can be cured

by simply drinking one can of synthetic super-slimming squash.

Unfortunately, super-slimming squash is only available in fictional worlds,

meaning that you and I have to watch what we eat and take regular exercise

to avoid becoming overweight.

Isn't that a shame?

This public information broadcast is brought to you by...

Last reviewed: 23/08/2011

Next review due: 23/08/2013


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