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Videos from the public health reform event

We asked people attending the public health reforms event to talk about the reforms, and their vision for Public Health England. The aims of the event included considering what Public Health England’s vision, identity and values should be, and how… Read more →Videos from the public health reform event

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Government to publish new data on health as part of transparency agenda

As part of the Government’s continuing commitment to open up public services and in advance of the Open Public Services White Paper, the Prime Minister today committed to publishing key data on the National Health Service as well as on… Read more →Government to publish new data on health as part of transparency agenda

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Andrew Lansley speaks at the 2011 commissioning show


Watch a video of the Health Secretary making a speech to GPs about NHS reforms at the 2011 Commissioning Show.


Aiming to be the best in the world


We enjoy healthcare in Britain that is the envy of billions around the world. But if our NHS was performing at truly world-class levels, we could save literally hundreds more lives every week. Every year we could save an extra… Read more →Aiming to be the best in the world

Giving professionals more freedom


For years doctors and nurses have been burdened by bureaucracy and crushed under the weight of top-down targets. This has been bad for morale and terrible for patient care, as professionals’ time has (by their own admission) been skewed too… Read more →Giving professionals more freedom

Giving patients more power


Too often people feel that while they can take control over most of the decisions in their lives – the things they buy, the entertainment they watch, the holidays they take – when it comes to public services, they have… Read more →Giving patients more power

Prime Minister on modernising the NHS

If the NHS isn’t modernised, it will become unaffordable, Prime Minister David Cameron says today. Outlining the rising number of people with long-term health conditions and the increasing cost of drugs and treatment, Mr Cameron said: ‘Fail to modernise, and… Read more →Prime Minister on modernising the NHS