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2009-10 review of teaching funding

Throughout the academic year 2009-10 we reviewed the current way in which we fund teaching at universities and colleges. We carried out this review in light of key changes that had taken place since the method was introduced.

Since the consultation there have been a number of national developments, including the Government's Spending Review, the publication of the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance, and, most recently, the Government's White Paper on higher education.

Therefore, we are not proposing any actions as a consequence of this consultation. In preparing our consultation proposals for funding in 2012-13 and beyond, however, we have drawn where appropriate on responses to this previous consultation.

Conduct and findings of the review

We announced the review in November 2009. Following this, we held a number of roundtable discussions and consulted on the principles and features of a future method.

Documents from the review

Last updated 30 June 2011