Photograph of DCSF supplied with the permission of DEGW, workplace designers and change management consultants and Chris Gascoigne, photographer.

Electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS)

e-PIMS is the central database of Government Central Civil Estate properties and land. e-PIMS records the precise location of property, along with the associated information such as landlord, lease details and usage. Users are able to locate/view individual properties on an electronic map, access and amend their core property details online, and interrogate the system to identify vacant space. e-PIMS is a mandatory for all Government Departments (including non ministerial Departments) and their Executive Agencies, Arms Length Bodies and non-Departmental Public Bodies. The mandate does not cover local authorities, the NHS (except for Special Health Authorities), Public Corporations, Privatised Railways, The Crown Estate or the Defence Estate (subject to some exceptions).

Last updated 24th March 2010