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CP0242 ePIMS Brochure
CP0241 OGC Annual Statement 2009
CP0226 Vulcan House - Developing a Sustainable Workplace
CP0212 Energy buying: Working together for better results
CP0211 Energy buying: The effective way to manage risk
CP0184 Make Equality Count Brochure
CP0181 Working Beyond Walls
CP0180 Working together to deliver better value
CP0159 Guide to Best 'Fair Payment' Practices
CP0156 Government Procurement Card (GPC) Multimedia CD-ROM
CP0154 High Performing Property implementation plan
CP0152 Value Management in Construction
CP0150 Saving money on office stationery
CP0148 Saving money on Energy
CP0147 Getting better value on temporary staff procurement
CP0146 Saving money on IT hardware
CP0145 Saving money with IT eAuctions
CP0144 Making competition work for you
CP0143 Getting better value from your fleet
CP0142 Saving money with the Government Procurement Card
CP0140 NHS Trusts - Adopting Good Practices
CP0139 DWP Jobcentre Plus roll-out Integrated Supply Chain
CP0137 High Performing Property
CP0134 Better Measurement Better Management
CP0131 NHS Trusts Embracing Sustainability
CP0130 Somerset County Council - small projects make them count
CP0128 MOD Case Study
CP0125 Defence Construction in the built environment - Project Allenby/Connaught
CP0124 Highways - adopting a flexible approach Case Study
CP0123 BCP - Decent Homes Case Study
CP0108 Birmingham Construction Partnership Case Study 1 of 9
CP0104 DWP Jobcentre Plus roll-out H&S Case Study
CP0094 Managing Public Procurement - Good procurement is essential
CP0083 Small Supplier - Better Value
CP0082 Making Sense of Market Choices
CP0080 Government Procurement Code of Good Practice
CP0078 Effective Partnering
CP0076 Delivering value from Consultancy
CP0071 AE in construction - A Managers Checklist
CP0070 AE Guide 10: Through Health and Safety
CP0069 AE Guide 9: Design Quality
CP0068 AE Guide 8: Improving Performance
CP0067 AE Guide 7: Whole-Life costing
CP0066 AE Guide 6: Procurement and Contract Strategies
CP0065 AE Guide 5: The Integrated Project Team
CP0064 AE Guide 4: Risk and Value Management
CP0063 AE Guide 3: Project Procurement Lifecycle
CP0062 AE Guide 2: Project Organisation
CP0061 AE Guide 1: Initiative into Action
CP0060 AE Construction Projects Pocketbook
CP0040 OGC's Consultancy Services - Helping you to delivery success
CP0038 HM Treasury building in mint condition
CP0025 Blue Frog II eProcurement in Action
CP0018 The Reading Report 'Flexible working in Central Government'
CP0016 AE Guide: 11 Sustainability
CP0014 How can I enhance my delivery skills?
CP0013 Managing risks with delivery partners
CP0010 Gateway Review Pack
CP0001 Gateway Process Manager's Checklist
SD012 IT Supplier Code of Best Practice Guidelines - Intellect
SD007 IT Supplier Code of Best Practice - Intellect
SD006 Concept Viability - Intellect

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