Government Delivery

Our objectives by 2010/11 are to:

  • Be a respected authority and leader across Whitehall 
  • Lay firm foundations and achieve priority actions to develop leadership and capability in the civil service
  • Provide effective performance management and support to departments
  • Determine an approach to measure progress on sustainable procurement across Whitehall
  • Lay foundations for long term supplier engagement on priority categories of public sector spend
  • Have facilitated greater co-ordination across Whitehall to encourage dissemination of leading practice and reduce duplication

Our goals

To support government's objectives our goals are to achieve the sustainable procurement and operations commitments, as outlined above, and in general to improve sustainable procurement and operations practice across central government.

Performance data for departments was reported by the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) until 2009. However, moving forward the government is now publishing its own performance results on Sustainable Development in Government (2009).  This has been achieved with the support of the SDC and the central departments who collate the data.  This handover of data responsibilities is a key step for government in being able to make use of the information to drive change.  Information on departments and an indication of the trends towards steady and consistent progress can now be found here, by department and / or target area:

To date, results have demonstrated that government is making good progress towards its Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE) targets and Sustainable Procurement Action Plan (SPAP) targets. However, there are still challenges to meet. Recent reporting on Display Energy Certificate data, recording central government office building energy efficiency, suggests there is still more to be done.

To help the government meet its targets for sustainable procurement and operations, a comprehensive plan was put together in August 2008 - the governments’ Delivery Plan for Sustainable Procurement and Operations on the Government Estate. (PDF, 1,179KB). In this plan there was a commitment to provide six monthly Delivery Plan Updates on the Government's delivery of sustainability initiatives, as follows:

The reports have reflected progress made against the delivery plan, including performance across the major sustainable operations and sustainable procurement targets. They serve to highlight the key actions the government has taken since the last Update and those it will take over the next six months to ensure central government makes further progress.

Your feedback

We are interested in your thoughts about the latest Delivery Plan Update (or previous versions). Please consider spending a few minutes filling in the short survey after you have read the documentation.

In being a centre of expertise the CESP carries out its work in the following ways:

  • Collecting and disseminating what good looks like
  • Making connections to technical experts
  • Carrying out tests or pilots of new and innovative ideas
  • Harnessing the benefits of collaborative procurement
  • Identifying and working with policy makers to remove barriers that prevent delivery
  • Developing tools to provide better management information
  • Providing honest assessments of performance.

To read the Sustainable Development Commission's assessment of performance in this area, please follow this link.