Case Studies

A great deal of expertise and knowledge exists within individual projects and it is critical that the hard won lessons learned are captured for the future. Using case studies is one way we can all achieve this.

Case studies are a valuable tool providing summary information and a snapshot of the work undertaken.

Feedback from the project or team will be available as a valuable reference for others working on similar projects, also providing useful information to investment decision makers and anyone evaluating projects in the future.


Printed copies and more information

Printed copies of some of the case studies are available to UK public sector organisations for free. If you would like to receive hard copies of any of these titles, please use our online publications ordering form. Alternatively, to find out what is available, order copies or for help finding what you are looking for, get in touch with the OGC Service Desk by phoning 0845 000 4999 or email

A number of other organisations also provide relevant good practice and some of these are listed in this website's useful links section.

OGC's case studies are categorised under the following headings:

Accommodation Procurement Case Studies
Benefits Management Case Studies
Change Management Case Studies
Construction (Achieving Excellence) Case Studies
eProcurement Case Studies
High Performing Property Case Studies
Sustainable Procurement and Operations Case Studies