Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Programmes and Projects Resource Toolkit

In this section you can access all our programme and project management resources. You’ll find links to guides, websites, software, training and a range of other information that will help your organisation improve its management procedures.

In response to requests from our stakeholders in both the Programme and Project Management and Procurement communities, we have produced a map of the PPM, assurance and procurement landscape. This map aims to provide an easy way to navigate the different stages of a programme or project and to portray the interdependencies between PPM and the procurement lifecycle, assurance activity (such as OGC Gateway Reviews™) along with risk management. The tool also highlights the need to consider Early Market Engagement activity as part of the strategic process from high level policy to a delivery programme. The tool links out to content contained within this section and also to other relevant material in other parts of the OGC website:  

All of the resources in this area can be found below:

Project Management Templates - please visit the Official PRINCE2 website