Intellectual property & Licensing

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) develops and publishes a wide range of guidance that is protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

These pages detail the intellectual property rights owned by OGC ("OGC IPR") and upon what terms, if at all, you can re-use OGC IPR.  These pages do not constitute legal advice and if you are in doubt whether you may use any OGC IPR you should take your own legal advice.


OGC owns the intellectual property rights in the following materials:

(a) Guidance materials
OGC develops and publishes guidance on a wide range of topics.  This guidance is available from the OGC website, in print directly from OGC or from partner organisations who distribute on behalf of OGC.

(b) OGC’s Best Management Practice Portfolio
OGC’s "Best Management Practice Portfolio" covers a range of best management practice, including procurement, programme and project management and service management. The guidance exists in various formats, including web-based material, formally published books, CD roms etc.

(c) The OGC Website
Unless stated to the contrary, OGC owns all rights in its website and any material contained on the website.

2. Re-use of OGC IPR

The re-use of OGC best practice is encouraged, but whatever the form of re-use, you will need to ensure that your re-use complies with requirements and where necessary you have obtained the relevant licence.

(a) OGC copyright material
Most of the material produced by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is subject to Crown copyright protection.  We control the copyright to our work (which includes all information, database rights and visual images); More information can be found on our website at copyright introduction.

(b) OGC logos and trade marks
OGC owns a large number of registered and unregistered trade marks and re-use is subject to prior permission being granted.

If you are seeking to re-use OGC IPR you are advised to consult the following documents:

If you have any questions please contact the: OGC Service Desk.