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Property Benchmarking

Measuring efficiency and effectiveness of property and facilities management is a critical component of the High Performing Property programme and provides opportunities for increased efficiency and delivery of savings.  Comparison of performance against industry best practice and benchmarks is crucial to informing strategic decisions about buildings and their impact on both delivery and the environment. 

Benchmarking the Civil Estate

For any organisation, monitoring and measuring performance is fundamental to improving the management of resources and to the delivery of services. Objective assessment of the performance of the government estate presents a wide range of complex challenges, but is critical to a robust assessment of the efficiency of the estate.

A key element of the Government's programme to transform asset management in central government is the need for departments to have information that is accurate, complete and readily accessible to decision makers across the business. OGC has put in place the methodology for benchmarking the performance of buildings across the central government estate. This is structured around a set of related key performance indicators which allow for the measurement of efficiency, effectiveness and environmental sustainability performance of individual buildings and against benchmarks from the private sector. 

OGC has adopted a framework for property cost categorisation, with robust definitions for each data element, derived from the IPD Cost Code. This provides the consistency essential to effective internal and external benchmarking; enabling reliable and like for like comparison between and across buildings and organisational property portfolios. For further details see Better Measurement, Better Management (PDF, 484KB). 

Property Benchmarking Service

The Property Benchmarking Service is an annual programme to establish the performance of central government office buildings in the context of independent and validated private sector benchmarks; and in relation to government targets and standards where these have been set. OGC implemented the service in 2005 this has since become pivotal to OGC’s efforts to support delivery of best value from the estate. Participation in the Property Benchmarking Service was mandated across central Government from April 2008.

Central government Departments and their arms length bodies are required each year to measure the efficiency, effectiveness and environmental sustainability of administrative office occupations over 500 sq m. The performance of each building or occupation in scope is reported through consistent and independently validated metrics against benchmarks derived from comparable buildings in the private sector and industry best practice. Increasingly information from this process is being used across government to inform strategic decisions about buildings and their impact on service delivery and key findings are presented in an annual report to Parliament.

The service is funded by OGC and managed by a dedicated team based in the OGC Government Estate Transformation Division. OGC has contracted with a specialist supply partner, IPD Occupiers, to undertake the detailed analysis, benchmarking and reporting of the data supplied through the ePIMS system. IPD are responsible for providing technical advice and also provide the overall Project Management and management of training. OGC are advised on the overall direction of the service and its future development by a cross-government Steering Group which reports to the High Performing Property Programme Board.

Data Collection and the 2009 Programme

Data analysed relates to the last complete financial year and for the 2009 Programme this is the Financial Year ending 31 March 2009. For further details of the 2009 programme see Property Benchmarking Service Guidance (PDF, 2.4MB)

Property Benchmarking Service Framework Contract

The services associated with the Property Benchmarking Service have been established under a 4 year single supplier framework with OGC’s supply partner, IPD Occupiers. Whilst primarily designed to provide the annual Core Service to Central Government Departments and their sponsored bodies through OGC; the framework may also be used to provide additional services to other UK public sector contracting authorities. This includes:

# Additional or more detailed analysis of buildings covered by the Core Service;
# Provision of the Core Service to organisations who are not central government departments;
# Provision of the Core Service for non-office properties; and
# Provision of the Core Service for office buildings under 500 square metres.

Further details are available on the OGC CONTRACTS DATABASE.

For more information please contact:
Richard Graham
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Office of Government Commerce
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David Pike
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