These activities support the suggested approaches to help children learn to spell target words and practise their spelling. By focusing on spelling, children will also improve their reading skills.

Introducing the past tense

These activities introduce children to simple past tense. You can use them to help children gain an understanding of what tense is, before you go on to teach them to spell the past tense forms of verbs.

Teaching adding suffixes

Help children to understand past tense and how adding a suffix impacts on spelling words. The activities focus on building children's understanding of the –ed, and –ing suffixes, the rules for adding suffixes and spelling patterns.

Understanding prefixes and suffixes

This activity can help children to understand the impact adding prefixes and suffixes has on words and spelling. You can also use it to help them build their understanding of past tense.

Teaching spelling long words

Learn how you can use word cards and clapping exercises to teach children to spell compound words, words with prefixes and other multi-syllabic words.

Finding and learning the tricky bits in words

Help children learn to spell more high-frequency and topic words. You can also help them develop their ability to identify difficult elements in words.

Memorising spellings of words

Explore ways you can teach children to spell words and help them practice their spelling. See how children can use memory strategies to aid their learning.