See how Letters and Sounds uses all the letter sets, and word lists containing adjacent consonants, to build children’s skills and understanding throughout the four-week programme.

What letters to use

This programme uses all seven letter sets. All the sets can be reviewed and practiced as necessary.

  • Set one: s, a, t, p
  • Set two: i, n, m, d
  • Set three: g, o, c, k
  • Set four: ck, e, u, r
  • Set five: h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss
  • Set six: j, v, w, x
  • Set seven: y z, zz, qu

What words to use

The lists of suggested words and sentences in this phase can be used to help children practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. You don't need to work through these word for word. However, they include a selection of words containing adjacent consonants as well as polysyllabic words that are an important part of children's phase four learning. Automatic reading of all words – decodable and tricky – is the ultimate goal.