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The Framework for secondary English: Introduction

About the learning objectives

Framework learning objectives set out in reasonable detail the knowledge, skills and understanding which need to be acquired in that subject across a period of time. The objectives are organised across Years 7 to 11. These show strands of development in each subject which describe progression in learning, and set out a minimum expectation for the progression in learning of most pupils.

You can use the learning objectives to plan sequences of lessons that cluster objectives together into engaging, powerful learning experiences. Different groups of pupils in the class will need different progression routes. Some pupils or groups of pupils may need to work on a learning objective from a previous year. On other occasions you will already have secured the learning of most of the class and you will need a learning objective from further on in the lines of progression to plan the next sequence.

The learning objectives section of the Framework is dynamic. This means that you can preview, select and then save learning objectives for use in your planning.

You may wish to read The Framework for secondary English before you use the learning objective screens.

Go to Overview: the ten strands of progression to see how the learning objectives have been organised into strands and substrands. Otherwise go directly to the English learning objectives.

Relating learning objectives to Assessing pupils' progress (APP) guidelines

The Framework for secondary English is for planning teaching and learning and the APP guidelines are for assessing pupils' progress.

The English learning objectives screen offers suggested links between the Framework learning objectives and the APP assessment guidelines to support learning, teaching and assessment. Once you have selected a group of objectives, you can then also link to the most relevant group of APP assessment criteria. As APP guidelines are level-related, you can move along the levels to identify the relevant set for any group of pupils.

Please note that there is not a one-to-one correspondence between assessment criteria and objectives. The links are made between the headings of the strands and substrands of learning objectives and APP criteria.