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School Improvement Partners (SIPs) e-newsletter: Autumn 2009

SIPs and pupil referral units

Essential Briefing

This guidance is primarily designed to assist School Improvement Partners (SIPs) deployed to pupil referral units (PRUs) in England. It may also serve as a useful prompt for discussion between SIPs, headteachers, management committees, parents and local authorities (LAs).

The National Strategies has been supporting SIPs deployed to PRUs through its programme of continuous professional development over the last two years. This guidance draws the focus of this work together and is presented in two parts.

  • Part 1 includes prompts to be considered and addressed by the SIP when deployed to a PRU together with a sample SIP report for a PRU.
  • Part 2 includes a DVD-ROM containing a range of resources, source materials and additional guidance which SIPs and others may find useful.

Powerful Questions

  • When deployed to a PRU what are the some of the main areas that SIPs will need to focus on with PRUs in order to promote effective school improvement?
  • How can the SIP best get behind the efforts of the PRU to improve their provision and raise standards of attainment and achievement?
  • What are the issues I should pay particular attention to when deployed to a PRU?
  • How should I report my judgements in the related SIP report?