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Peer mentoring

Session 4

Theme: Theme 1: Learning to be together - Social skills and empathy
Topics: Peer mentoring
Overall learning outcomes:

38. I recognise and take account of my feelings of empathy and act on them by considering the needs and feelings of others.

Session number: 4
Year group:  
Learning outcomes: To maintain a 'here and now' perspective, while understanding the strong feelings that you might feel
Group specific outcomes:  
Resources description:  
Resources: Resource for all 5 sessions
Warm up/starter:  
Core activity:

Activity. replay a common argument through labelled positions of Parent Adult or Child..
Two Worksheets: ‘learning about how to get along with other people, drawing bossy parent, caring parent.

GB child and Adult.

Using scenario card form a box of feelings, overlay thin paper and draw transactions and what each might be saying.

Pairs discuss situations where they were in PAC


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