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Peer mentoring

Session 3

Theme: Theme 1: Learning to be together - Social skills and empathy
Topics: Peer mentoring
Overall learning outcomes:

31. I can work out how people are feeling through their words, body language, gestures and tone, and pay attention to them.

Session number: 3
Year group:  
Learning outcomes: Lesson 3 The drama triangle
Learning Intention: not to persecute or rescue Open questioning, challenging
Group specific outcomes:  
Resources description:

The drama triange, like the other models is available in the resource sheet from session 1

Resources: Resource for all 5 sessions
Warm up/starter:


Core activity:

Activity. Groups of 4 enact familiar fairy stories and note switches
Pairs list characters in favourite story and note role switches

Plenary: Plenary: The winners triangle, voice, responsibility and power
Applying learning:  
Are there any third party materials in your learning opportunity?: No
Please list the title, author and publisher of any publications used:  
What was the extent and purpose of use?:  
Have parental permission forms been signed for any pupils work or images?: