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Conflict resolution

Session 5

Theme: Theme 1: Learning to be together - Social skills and empathy
Topics: Conflict resolution
Overall learning outcomes:  
Session number: 5
Year group: 7
Learning outcomes:  
Group specific outcomes:  
Resources description:
  • An example of the peaceful problem solving model.
  • Flipchart paper and felt-tips for recording.
  • A series of sentence starters which may lead to conflict.
Warm up/starter:

Being Leaders

One student is asked to leave the room whilst the others agree who will be the leader. The idea here is that the leader will begin a movement whilst all the others in the group are required to follow and copy this movement. The leader then changes to a different movement and at this point, everyone else in the group also has to change. When the person who has left the room comes back inside, they are required to spot the leader. Once the leader has been spotted, he/she is then required to leave the room and the game can be repeated.

Core activity:

Follow Up Activity

The students can be asked to illustrate the pyramid of peaceful problem-solving drawing their own designs in the form of posters. How would they teach this to other students, what kind of lesson would they plan? They may wish to design their own session which they could then deliver to other members of their peer group.

Plenary: The students can then feedback on their activities highlighting how easy or otherwise they found using the pyramid of peaceful problem solving.
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