Support for Spelling

You can use Support for Spelling to help improve children’s spelling and support your planning and teaching within the Primary Framework.

Headteachers and subject leaders can also use this content to find out how programmes can be organised in their schools.

Support for Spelling contains a range of materials and resources including:

  • knowledge of the history of spelling and the English language
  • a range of suggested strategies, approaches, and activities to help improve and practise spelling
  • a collection of spelling learning objectives and teaching focuses
  • programmes for Years 2 to 6 which draw on the learning objectives and teaching focuses
  • a guide for parents.

Support for Spelling is linked to CLLD: Letters and Sounds.

Benefits of spelling

  • Accurate spelling helps children become fluent and effective writers.
  • Competent spellers can spend less time and energy thinking about spelling, which enables them to channel their time and energy into the skills of composition, sentence structure and precise word choice.