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Pedagogy and practice: Teaching and learning in secondary schools

Publication date:
Sep 2004
Deputy headteacher, Head of school department, Head of year, Headteacher, Subject leader, Teacher
Continuing professional development (CPD), Guidance, Leadership, Training, Training materials, Developing pedagogy, Pedagogy and practice, Teaching and learning
CD/DVD, Overview, Training guide


This publication is available in a ZIP file (10.6 MB). (The contents of this zip file can be downloaded from the attachments area to the right.)

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These study units provide both the means for teachers to develop their skills and a common language to discuss teaching and learning. They complement the Key Stage 3 National Strategy’s training. The pack contains all printed units and DVDs.

PDFs of the printed material are available to download from the attached resources. The units are grouped as follows:

  • units 1-5 Designing lessons
  • units 6-11 Teaching repertoire
  • units 12-17 Creating effective learners
  • units 18-20 Creating conditions for learning ( Unit 19: Learning Styles' has been withdrawn)
  • Leadership guide.

Two DVDs containing video sequences to support the units are included in the pack:

  • DVD1 DCSF ref 0445-2004 supports Units 1-8 and the Leadership guide
  • DVD2 DCSF ref 0446-2004 supports Units 9-20 and includes an audio extract - the EXIT model.

Packs are available to order. Further copies of all materials (booklets and DVDs), with the exception of the 'Leadership guide' which is downloadable only, may be ordered from DCSF Publications individually by DCSF ref no. Orders for individual units will receive a shrink wrapped pack of 10 copies of that unit.


This publication may be available to order from:

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