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SEAL: Family workshops

Family Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) is designed to make explicit links between the support parents and carers provide their children when they are developing social, emotional and behavioural skills and engaging in school-based work. Family SEAL is about collaboration and sharing ideas, with recognition and respect for the beliefs and values of the participants, while understanding that a child will need certain skills if he or she is to cope with the complexity of the social environment of the school.

There are two main parts to the Family SEAL workshops, followed by a farewell party:

  1. An introductory workshop to which all parents and carers of children in a year group are invited and encouraged to attend. This includes a short introduction, a performance from the children and opportunities to complete a range of activities with the children. The parents and carers are then asked to 'sign up' to attend a further seven workshops. It is important to recognise that some parents will be unable to attend and might wish another family member or significant adult to attend in their place.
  2. A series of seven workshop sessions, during which the participants share ideas and learn together about the delights and challenges of helping their child develop social, emotional and behavioural skills. This is followed by opportunities for participants and children to complete activities together. Ideal group size for the workshops will be up to ten or 12 adult participants and their children.