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SEAL: Staffroom activities (purple set)

As with the introduction of any cross-curricular resource, planning may need to include professional development for school staff. The development of children's social, emotional and behavioural skills involves both the formal and informal curriculum, and it is therefore important that aspects of the professional development opportunities include all school or setting personnel (lunchtime supervisors, caretaker, secretarial and administrative staff, and any other staff who have direct contact with the children).

The resource includes materials (the Purple sets) for flexible use within school to meet the professional development needs of all school staff.

The Purple sets consist of:

  • an introductory set about introducing Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) as a whole-school approach
  • a theme-by-theme set of ideas to support staff as they work on that theme with their class groups.

In addition, there is a guidance booklet that describes key features of successful use of the SEAL resource, with appendices providing further information on, for example, research that shows the impact of work on SEAL.