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SEAL: Posters

The Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) materials provide seven posters for use across the school. They are referred to frequently within the learning opportunities in the theme sets and can be displayed in public areas of the school as reminders for staff and children.

Feelings detective – understanding my feelings and understanding the feelings of others

These two posters support children when trying to recognise their own feelings and the feelings of others.


This poster uses the ideas covered in the theme sets and provides a reminder about how we might behave assertively rather than timidly, aggressively or manipulatively.

Problem solving

This poster outlines a problem-solving process that might be used in social or learning situations.

Peaceful problem solving

This poster provides a reminder of the SEAL approach to resolving conflicts within the school.

Circle time

This poster is an aid to those who use circle time and provides useful reminders for children to ensure the sessions are positive and productive.

The Fight

This is a copy of The Fight by L. S. Lowry. It is used as a stimulus for work in Say no to bullying – Yellow set, Year 3.